Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Surf Trip tips

Welcome everyone! I personally created this blog spot for surf stoked like me. Since surfers travel more than most humans, here are some cool surf trip advices from pros, bros and travel experts...

Excerpts from : Transworld Surf Magazine

1. TRUST ISSUES When choosing the person or people you're going to be traveling with, make sure you trust them and more importantly, like them. Going on a trip can test a friendship more than anything else. Leave the "ding-dongs" at home, and only travel with people you get along with.

2. PB Bring a jar of peanut butter with you. If you're in an unsavory place with no food, you'll be glad to have a high - protein snack.

3. CLEAN FREAK Thoroughly and frequently clean and cover even the smallest of cuts to prevent staph infection, especially in warm, wet, tropical locale like Siargao.

4. SAFETY FIRST Bring a simple first - aid kit with plenty of Neosporin, antibiotics, and bandages. You never want to have to cut a trip short because of a flesh wound.

5. SMILE POWER! Be nice to the people whom you will encounter with during the trip. Be patient, smile, tell a joke if necessary and try to lighten their day a bit.. Who knows, they might just return the favor by smiling back too.

6. SPF-ONE-BILLION Since Philippines is a tropical country, the most important thing in your bag is sunblock. Some people think they're immune to skin cancer, and they're wrong. You should shelter yourself in SPF 30, and keep reapplying it throughout the day.

7. STICK UP Bring stickers everywhere you go. Not only are they good for temporary ding repairs, they can be used as currency. And for some places, you can trade a sticker for just about anything.

8. ROLL DEEP If you roll your clothes up instead of folding them, you can fit more into a small place.

9. MONSOON JACKET A lightweight windbreaker that can be compacted into a tight ball is very useful for any climate. People forget that the warmer places tend to be rainier than the cold.

10. GOOGLE IT Research is your best friend when traveling. Go online, read a book, or ask someone who's been there. Find out as much as you can about your destination before you go. And it's always good to know the laws in the places you are visiting.

11. PLAN AHEAD It's a good thing to decide which and what things to bring before your trip to avoid the rush. Not stressing about missing the bus is worth an extra hour.

12. BED BUGS Bring your own pillow, and not just for the sake of comfort. Head lice, ticks and a few mystery rashes could easily show up on a foreign pillow.

13. DING KING If you're going for an extended trip, bring a Quick Fix ding repair kit. Duct tape is good, but fixing the ding is better. But keep in mind, these days you may not be able to bring your ding-repair kit if your planning to go to a foreign land aboard a plane. (resin is flammable)

14. PARLEZ-VOUS? Learning a few simple words and phrases of the native tongue where you're going is very important. "Hello" , "please", and "thank you" are three phrases that can make your travel experience much better for everyone. Locals usually warm up more quickly to tourists who give their language a shot

15. YARD SALE Bring extra clothes, and give them away as you go. An old shirt to you could mean the world to a local villager with few or no worldly possessions.

16. SAVE SPACE If you're trying to pack light, a quick dry towel is key. These towels are made with microfibers and can be folded up small to fit just about anywhere.

17. SILVER LIFESAVER One roll of duct tape can save your trip. Use it as ding repair, first aid, surf rack, etc.

18. PORTABLE POWER Bring as many batteries as you can. Batteries can be two to three times the price in many foreign countries. If you don't use them by the end of the trip, give them

19. WHAT A DRAG! If you're thinking of getting a board bag to carry three or more boards, get one with wheels. Wheeled luggage is the best invention since the remote control. Try dragging 110-pound wheel-less coffin full of crap around LAX on a 90-degree summer day.

20. BE CONSIDERATE When traveling with your girlfriend or boyfriend who doesn't surf, make sure you pick a spot that has extracurricular activities for your partner to take part in. It's their trip too.

21. A BOARD FOR ALL CONDITIONS If you can only bring one surfboard with you, make sure it's a multi-use board that can be ridden in different conditions. Ideally, it should be about two inches bigger than your standard shortboard, and, if possible, it should have a slightly heavier glass job so it'll be more durable.

22. WAX CHECK Don't forget to bring the proper wax. Ever tried to surf warm water with cold-water wax? Sounds stupid, but try it- it's like slipping on a banana.

23. DO UNTO LOCALS... Snaking a local is a surefire way to blow your trip. Most localism horror stories that people return with from surf trips started because the visitor got overly aggressive. You wouldn't want some tourist back-paddling you at your home break, would you? Smile in the lineup, be friendly, and you'll get plenty of waves and maybe even make some friends.

24. LESS IS MORE Avoid traveling with large groups of people if possible. It gets exponentially harder to make decisions with each new trveler you throw in the mix. Plus, Unless you're on a boat trip, paddling out to a new spot with ten bros is utterly whack, and you'll probably get beat up by the locals.

25. LEASH LAWS Bring an extra leash and extra leash strings. If the surf gets heavy, not having a leash can spell disaster.

26. CONTACT INFO Provide emergency contact info for wherever you are. Even if you're in the jungle, leave as much info as you can, For Example: "We'll be camping on the small island north of Gentang".

27. READING MATERIAL Everybody loves magazines. Bring a grip of mags and spread the love. Don't forget to pass out some mags, the locals will love you.

28. FLASHING CASH Don't count money in public. You might as well wear a shirt that reads, "Please, Rob Me."

29. BAG IT When packing your toiletries bag, put stuff like sunscreen, shaving cream, and shampoo in their own Ziploc bags. If they Explode on the plane, the goo won't get all over everything you own.

30. TOWEL TALES Bring extra towels. You can use them as pillows, blankets, fashion accessories, to pad your surfboards, or as flag for your surf camp.

More tips to come... So keep reading...

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