Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lyal Mackintosh

"Besang", a small Barangay at Malita, Davao Del Sur which is blessed with beautiful breaks conducive for surfing.
But have you ever wonder who was the first person to surf at Besang ?

Lyal Mackintosh was the first surf explorer to ever play surf at Besang surf breaks. in February 1986, he was accompanied by some local folks at said area and brought with him his longboard surfboard. At that time, he was the Chairman of Trade Developement Zone Authority in Darwin Northern Territory Australia. For short he is an "Aussie".

After his first visit, he already fell in love with the said place and its small community.
According to some of his closed friends at Besang, he was a generous person and donated medicines for the community, Clothing for the kids & he also donated school facilities at Besang elementary school.

On his later visit, he was planning to put-up a small rest house "surf shack" with some cottages near shoreline for him to have a house to stay with every time he visits there. he ask for some help at the locals for him to buy a small lot, but unfortunately it wasn't materialized.

His Last mail contact to his friends at Besang was on 1996. As I further research on his current whereabouts.
year 2006 : The race to outrun tsunami

recently i found out this sad News : Man who loved surf rides his last wave

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Longboarding Event

Location : Tagakpan Davao City,
Registration Fee : php 350
Date : December 17, 2011.

December Rush by pudz1507


1ST- Tito Sumicad CEBU
2ND- Bryan Tongco CEBU
3RD- Jap Romero BXU
4TH- Fab Romero BXU