Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Conservation in Punta Dumalag


ESA Endangered - throughout its range
CITES Appendix I - throughout its range

Species Description

Weight: Adult: 100-150 pounds (45-70 kg)
Hatchling: 0.5 ounces (15 g)
Length: 25-35 inches (65-90 cm)
Appearance: top shell (carapace) is dark to golden brown, with streaks of orange, red, and/or black with a serrated back and overlapping "scutes", while the bottom shell (plastron) is clear yellow;
hatchlings are mostly brown
Lifespan: unknown
Diet: sponges and other invertebrates, algae
Behavior: females return to the beaches where they were born (natal beaches) to nest, which occurs every 2-3 years at night and approximately every 14-16 days during the nesting season


  • habitat loss of coral reef communities
  • harvest of their eggs and meat
  • commercial exploitation (historically, but still permitted in some parts of the world)
  • increased recreational and commercial use of nesting beaches in the Pacific
  • incidental capture in fishing gear
  • general threats to marine turtles

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